West Kameng District.

General Information:
As per their traditional belief they were originally
settlers in the plains of Assam. Presently their settlement
mainly concentrated in the Nafra circle of west kameng district.
They are also called Dhammai or Nimmai.
Agriculture is their mainstay of life and practice both
dry and wet method of cultivation. Their staple food is maize.
In taking of meat of monkey, tiger and dog are tabooed for men
and Mithun, goat and fowl for women.
They believe in the existence of a number of deities and spirits,
although they have come under the influence of Buddhism. Khan or
Chindung is the annual festival associated with their agriculture
and celebrated in the month of March. They observe a number of
rituals and festivals individually and at the community level.
The women put prominent tattoo on their faces similar to those of the Akas.
Both men and women keep their hair long but the men tie it into a
knot at the crown of the head,