West Kameng District.

General Information:
The Sherdukpens have good relation with the people of
Assam since long time not only to extract taxes from
them but also for trade and mutual understanding and
friendship with them. Their society is divided in to
two classes – Thongs (Upper) and Chaos (Lower).
Agriculture is their mainstay of life. They practice
both shifting and permanent cultivation. They mainly
grow wheat, barley, maize and millet. For cultivation
they used primitive type of plough drawn by bullocks.
Rice and maize are their staple food grains.
They are also keen traders.
They have adopted Buddhism of the Mahayang Sect. But
their religion is an interesting blend of Buddhism and
magico – religious beliefs. They celebrate Losar (the New Year festival)
as annual festival. They also celebrate Chhakar, Womg and
Khiksawa festivals which are associated with the harvesting of food crops.
The women are skillful weavers and make attractive bags
through their traditional loinloom. The men are keen carpenters
and some are expert in smithy work also. Traditionally they are
expert hunters and use bow and arrows.