West Kameng District

General Information:
Their settlement is concentrated on the hilly terrain
on both sides of the Rupa/ Enga River in the Tenga
Valley area of West Kameng District. By nature, the
Buguns are gentle, hospitable and affectionate people.
The women avail equal status with their men and even
allow taking part in their traditional village council called as Nimiyang.
Agriculture is the mainstay of life and they practice both
dry and wet cultivation. They grow potatoes, maize, rice,
millet, cowpeas, buck- wheat etc. Rice is their staple food.
The main traditional craft is basketry.
By religion they believe in the existence of number of deities
and spirits in majority and some have adopted Buddhism.
They perform a number of rites and ceremonies for their welfare.
Ksyat – Sowai is one of their main festivals celebrated in the month of January