The festival of Si-Donyi is celebrated by one of the major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh known as Tagin. Celebrated in the month of January every year, this festival marks the beginning of a new year. The festival is observed for the well-being of the community and mankind as a whole. Tagins are the inhabitants of …

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Moh-Mol is basically agricultural related festival of Tangsas, which signifies end of an agricultural activity or beginning of crop season. Since life and activity of tribal people revolve around agriculture, they adhere to utmost important to this festival. It is a gala of pomp and show of traditional colourful costumes, ornaments, art and crafts that …

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Pongtu Kuh

Tutsa’s celebrate two major festivals : “Pongtu Kuh” and “Ronghun Kun”. The “Pongtu Kun” festival is an integral part of the socio cultural life of the Tutsa’s which is celebrated every year in the month of April to get blessings for the tender millet plants in the Jhoom field. The Tutsa people believe that in …

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Tamladu Festival is one of the ancient and popular festivals of Arunachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated in the Lohit district of the state by the Digaru Mishmis tribe. During this festival you can witness the display of its social, religious and supernatural beliefs and according to them it is only nature that can prevents …

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Dree festival is a popular festivalin Arunachal Pradesh and it is an important agricultural festival of Apatani tribe. This is the biggest festival celebrated by Apatani and it is marked by sacrificial offerings and prayers. This festival is celebrated on 5th of July and you can witness this auspicious festival in Ziro district of Arunachal …

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The traditional festival of Arunachal Pradesh, Nyokum is mainly celebrated by the Nyishi tribe. The term ‘Nyokum’ is derived from two words – “Nyok” means “land or earth” and “Kum” means collectiveness or togetherness. That’s perhaps the why it is called that celebrating this festival is like inviting all the Gods and Goddesses of the …

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One of the popular agriculture festivals, Solung is celebrated by the Adi Tribes. The festival is celebrated in the first week of September, after the sowing of seeds, to seek prosperity and a good harvest. The main celebration of the festivals are in three main parts – Sopi—Yekpi (the first part and the sacrificial day), …

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The most colorful festival of Arunachal Pradesh, Chalo Loku is a harvest festival that is celebrated in the month of October-November annually; right after the harvest of the paddy field, and before the start of the new Jhum cultivation. The festival got its name from three words: Cha meaning paddy; Lo, which means season, and …

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Losar is a popular festival of Arunachal Pradesh. It is celebrated by the people of Monpa Tribe who are said to be inhabitants of Arunachal Pradesh since 500 BC. Monpa Tribe practices agriculture and animal husbandry and follows Buddhist religion. Losar is a 3-day festival, which is celebrated with great pomp and show in Tawang. …

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The Mopin festival also known as “Moopin”, is an agricultural festival which is celebrated by the people of “Galo” tribe, the “Galo” tribe inhaits the states of East and west Siang, which are districts found in the state of Arunachal pradesh, The festival of “Mopin” starts from 2 to 8th of April.Althought the festival lasts …

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