The Mopin festival also known as “Moopin”, is an agricultural festival which is celebrated by the people of “Galo” tribe, the “Galo” tribe inhaits the states of East and west Siang, which are districts found in the state of Arunachal pradesh,

The festival of “Mopin” starts from 2 to 8th of April.Althought the festival lasts 7 days, the main event is celebrated on the 5th of April, and the days before the main event i.e 2-4 are preperation days for the main event which is on the 5th of April,then the event lasts for few days i.e 5-8th of April,

The festival of Mopin is also seen to bring wealth and prosperity to the whole “Galo” community. It is also believed to drive away evil from their community while bringing blessings, peace and prosperity to everyone in their community.

Source: (Wikipedia)