Lower Subansiri District.

General Information:
The Apatanis inhabit in the picturesque Ziro. Their dwell
houses are clustered, hardly any space between the houses.
Agriculture is the mainstay of life. They practice permanent
cultivation. Paddy-cum-fish culture with indigenous method of
irrigation is a specialty of the Apatanis. Now-a-days they
are known for the most ecofriendly tribe of the world. Rice
is the staple food of the Apatanis.
They believe in the existence of a high god and a number of
other deities and spirits. They consider Danyii-Piilo (Sun-Moon)
as their deity. Dree is one of their main festivals celebrate
in the month of July. They also celebrate Myoko a community
festival has agro-religious significance and Murung – a family
festival considered as a fertility rite. The popular dances are
Daminda and Pakku-itu.
The men tie the hair in top knots above the forehead and tattoo
the faces. Wearing of circular nose plugs is most characteristic
aspect of ornamentation of the women. Now this tattooing and nose
plug tradition are stopped totally by the Apatani society.
They have unique tradition of formation Patang, a unique group of
agriculture workers and friend-ship bond to get support during the
time of agricultural operation and social, political and economic crisis.
The women are expert in weaving and weave intrinsic designs in their textile.
The men are expert in basket making. They have Inter-tribe barter
trade particularly with the Nyishis. Their density of population
and percentage of literacy is the highest.