Dibang Valley and Lower Dibang Valley Districts.

General Information:
As per tradition they cut their hair round the head.
Agriculture is their main occupation, but they are also
keen traders by nature. Their staple foods are rice and millet.
They believe in the existence of a high god and a host of
spirits both benevolent and malevolent. Reh is one of their
main festivals celebrated in the month of February with great
enthusiasm and gaiety. Igu dance is performed during festival.
Idu Mishmi women are expert weavers. The war coat weaved by them
with nettle fibres, cotton and human hair is very strong body armour.
The men are expert in cane and bamboo work. Both males and females
wear necklaces of various kinds of beads.
In past, large groups of Idus were regularly visiting Tibet for trade.
They bartered mainly skin, hides, Mishmi Teeta (medicinal value),
mask and roots for dyes. In exchange they brought woolen goods,
raw wool, brass gong, bead ornaments etc.