Upper Subansiri District.

General Information:
Tagin society is divided into distinct classes.
They prefer to live in joint family and the senior
male member is regarded as head of the family.
Polygamy is customary among them. Agriculture is
their mainstay of life and practice mainly dry method
of cultivation. Fishing is also a part of their day to
day life. Hunting game is a specialty of the Tagin men.
Their staple food is rice and millet.
They believe in the existence of a high god and a host
of smaller deities and spirits. Their main festival is
Si-Donyi, which signifies post-harvest joy, celebrated
in the month of January. They are very much fond of folk dance and music.
Earlier bartering with Tibetans was a regular feature.
They have their own traditional black smithy and make beautiful daos,
smoking pipes etc. In past married women were engaged in pottery making.