Tawang and West Kameng Districts.

General Information:
The Monpas are known in consisting of different allied groups
like But Monpas, Chug Monpas, Lish Monpas, Dirang Monpas,
Kalaktang Monpas (TsanglaMonpas), Pangchen Monpas and Tawang
Monpas (Brahmi Monpas). These groups are differed in respect to
their languages and many other cultural traits.
They are Buddhist by religion and follow the Mahayana Sect of Buddhism.
They perform colorful mask dances and pantomimes in which Achi Lhamu/Ajhi
Lhamu is very popular. Losar (New Year) and Torgya are the main festivals
they celebrate.
Agriculture is the basic means of livelihood of the Monpas and they grow
mainly potato, maize, millet and barley. Maize and millet are their staple food.
Horticulture and small scale industries also play a significant role in development of their economy.
The women are expert in carpet and garment weaving and the men in wood carving,
mask making and painting particularly Thangka (scroll painting). Making of paper
by indigenous method is another occupation which is used for writing and painting
of religious scripts and for allied purposes. They have their own language and script (Tibetan/Bhoti).
Dead body is buried or cremated or cut into pieces and thrown it in to the
river as per opinion of the Lama called for.