Papum Pare, Lower Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Kra Daadi, East Kameng and Kamle Districts.

General Information:
According to mythology they are descendants of the Abotani – a mythical ancestor.
Polygamy is most common among them. They have joint family system and have a
tradition to keep slaves. Their pile houses are long having many separate
compartments for each wife.
Agriculture is their mainstay of life and they practice both shifting and
permanent type of cultivation. Rice is the staple food.
They believe in the existence of a high god and a number of smaller deities and spirits.
They also believe that after death the spirit of the dead travels
to the village of the ancestors. They consider almighty Donyi Polo (Sun- Moon)
as the supreme deity. Their main festivals are Nyokum Yulo and Longte, which are
celebrate in the month of February. Rikham pada is a most popular folk dance.
Nyishi men wear their hair long and tie it in a knot just above the forehead
with long bodkin pins or skewers. Both males and females are very much fond of beads necklaces.

(Source: State Museum Itanagar)