Upper Siang District

General Information:
Their distribution is mostly confined in the Tuting area
of Upper Siang district and a considerable population
in West Siang district also. In marriage both polygamy
and polyandry are in practice.
Agriculture is their mainstay of life. They practice dry
method of cultivation and grow mainly maize and millet which
are their staple food. However, carpet weaving, wood carvings,
domestication of animals are also important means of their livelihood.
The men are expert in mask making and painting. Earlier they
had a barter trade with their neighbouring communities.
They are Buddhist by religion and follow the Mahayana Sect. Their
important festival is Losar (New Year) celebrate twice a year.
Dhruba is also an important festival they celebrate.
They have colorful dances and pantomimes.
Their language is called as Khamba Khaadi which is a
dialectical variation of Tibetan and the script they use is called Hingna.