West Kameng District.

General Information:
As per historical records and their popular belief
is that they had a relation with the Ahom King.
A special feature of the Hrusso society is the
prevalence of Rani (queen) system. In past slavery
existed in their society.
Agriculture is their mainstay of life. They are keen
traders and trade mainly in clothes, blankets, swords etc.
They had trade relation with the Tibetans and Assamese
residing near the bordering area of their territory.
Their staple food is maize.
Their religious faith is called Nyezi-No which means
the worship of the sky and earth. They believe in the
existence of a number of deities and spirits, although
they have come to some extent under Buddhist influence
as well as Shamanistic animist, influenced by Vaishnavism.
Their main festivals are Sarok and Niechidou. Women are
tabooed to eat the meat of goats, cows, fowls, bears and monkeys.
The women folk in their society are known mainly to the extent
of making colorful bags. They have a custom of painting their
face with black marks by means of a thorn and resin.