Mishmi silver ornaments are unique and fascinating. The men wear a strap across their chest, laden with silver coins that belong to the pre-independence currency. The coins were used for their ornamental value, and post independence; the small 25p coins replaced the rare silver ones. Source:(


The most striking feature of the Apatani women is the way they adorn their noses – they insert wooden plugs into their nostrils. Small pegs are put in when they are little girls, and as they grow up, the size of the pegs are increased until they are about 2-3 centimeters across. The custom has been explained …

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The Adi (Dafla, Minyong, Abor, Galong) women wear a distinctive locally made ornament benyop – the belt on which series of three, five, seven or nine brass discs are strung on a cane, screwpine fiber or leather cord. The largest disc, its spiral motif represents the wheel of life, is placed at the centre, the others arranged …

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