The Carpets of Arunachal Pradesh with attractive colors and designs are in great demand by the tourists. Monpas, the Buddhist community is famous for making perfect carpets. Source:(


Large number of women are engaged in the art of weaving. Using the fine combinations of colours, they weave colourful and graceful dress material. Red, yellow, blue, green, pink and purple are the widely used colours. Earlier only natural dyes were used but now synthetic ones are also used. Some of the famous weaved items …

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Bamboo and Cane

Cane and bamboo are produced in abundance in Arunachal Pradesh. Both cane and bamboo are used amazingly in making several items such as baskets, hats, cane vessels, cane belts and carved bamboo mugs. Elegant jewelry and different kinds of gift items are also made out of these natural products. Source:(