Traditional Dress of Nyishi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh is simple, ethnic and colourful. It speaks volumes of state’s rich cultural heritage. Members of the Nyishi tribe, both men, and women, are recognized by their elaborate outfits. The traditional dress of the tribe is now-a-days worn during festivals and social gathering. Costumes and additional decorative are worn conforming to the status of the person. Carrying …

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Tangsa (Women)

Women’s clothing Women, on the other hand, wear a petticoat which is intricately woven and is extremely catchy to the eyes. Along with it, a linen blouse is worn too. Source:(

Tangsa (Men)

Men’s Clothing  This tribe wears costumes on similar lines to Burmese. The men wear green coloured wrap around spun in white, red as well as yellow coloured yarn. A sleeveless shirt along with an upper garment too is worn. Source:(